There are multiple processes that have to be taken by an Estate Trustee (“Executor”) that will depend on whether there is a Will or no Will, and what assets the deceased had when he or she passed away. The issues of immediate concern will be deciding organ donation, cremation versus burial, and dealing with your loved one's perishables. The funeral home will often assist with government filings and will provide you with multiple death certificates. Once urgent issues are dealt with, the Trustee should contact a lawyer to determine the appropriate steps to be taken in your personal situation to administer that particular estate. Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer, funeral home representative, accountant/tax filing person, financial planner/banker/insurance agents, and/or real estate agents (as necessary) to get assistance. They will help make this an easier process at a difficult time. It is encouraged for the Trustee and family to contact a lawyer to determine how to proceed and make the process easier to understand.